BRICKOVEN Video Production Manchester - Video With Purpose

We love getting to know your business, finding out what makes you, ‘YOU’ and putting it out there for everyone to see. BRICKOVEN Video Production Manchester produces professional video content that sets you apart from your competition whilst giving your business a unique and distinctive identity. 

We provide value by understanding the aspects of each unique video platform and with clever and efficient production, we can create multiple pieces of content from just one project. We will also advise you on how to implement your video content into your marketing strategy, maximizing its effectiveness. Placing your videos on your website, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram or whatever platform your media requires. 

At our heart, we are a company that excels in creating web commercials, creating scroll-stopping video content for all types of clients. However, we also love creating stunning talking head video interviews and corporate videos. We specialise in Training videos, Food and Drink, and Lifestyle/Leisure. 

We are based in the heart of Media City in glorious Manchester and we’re available to service all of the UK.

You're doing great things, let's show everyone!

Video is the perfect tool for:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Launching new products
  • Keeping customers up to date with your company
  • Generating more verified leads
  • Increasing web traffic