About the Project:
Client: Campfire Agency

Year: 2019
Production: ‘influenzah’ card game Campaign Advert

DIR: Oliver Bates/ Alex Brown
DOP: Rico Bam

The Shoot – This project was in collaboration with the Social media Agency Campfire. They were looking to Kickstart an influencer-based card game that drew inspiration from Card against Humanity. Campfire wanted a punchy funny story-based video that led into a talking head to explain the product and the Kickstarter. This was great for us as it hit our two specialties, story-driven commercials and beautiful talking heads. We worked side by side with Campfire to craft a short story and then went about producing it. We feel like the results speak for themselves.

Who Is Campfire? – Campfire are a Social-first marketing experts guiding brands through digital culture. They understand why people do what they do online.

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