A brief breakdown of our Christmas card for CMAC.

About the Project:
Client: CMAC
Year: 2022
Production: 12 Days of Christmas Video Card

DIR: Wesley Roskell
DOP: Oliver Bates

The Shoot – BRICKOVEN Media was asked to shoot a video Christmas card for CMAC as a festive thank-you to their suppliers. We were more than happy to don our Santa hats and get in the Christmas spirit as it sounded like an immensely fun shoot.

The project involved different departments from CMAC to sing 12 days of Christmas, from HR to IT each department put on their most festive jumpers and sang their hearts out. Using the traditional melody, CMAC brought their unique lyrics to show what the company can offer. There weren’t 5 gold rings in sight, instead we had 5 hotel rooms as CMAC help with ground transport and accommodation solutions for businesses.

The room was filled with tinsel, funky framed glasses and lots of laughter, we can imagine the reaction of their suppliers receiving such an uplifting video to share the Christmas spirit and shows what a fun company CMAC are.

Brickoven have just finalised a Christmas marketing video for our organisation, and we are delighted with the end result. They were friendly and professional to work with from start to finish and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for professional video footage and editing.

Charlotte Hurst – CMAC Senior Marketing Executive

Who is CMAC? – CMAC is an established provider of managed ground transport and accommodation solutions for businesses. We supply time-critical passenger transport services for clients ranging from airlines and train operators to corporations and breakdown companies. Today, we play a vital role in transporting almost two million passengers a year.

  • Our film set for the day. Christmas card for CMAC
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  • A very cheerful CMAC team! Christmas card for CMAC
  • show-offs. Christmas card for CMAC

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