why hasn't video marketing worked for you
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We encounter this question (or a variation of it) from companies all the time. So, why hasn’t video marketing worked for you?

A familiar line from businesses who we reach out to is “We’ve had video but it didn’t do anything” or “We spent a lot of money and we didn’t see a return on investment”. 

We believe a lot of this comes down to a few core planning failures or a video lacking concept. With a few thought-out fundamentals videos can and should work wonders for all businesses. This will most likely push you along to hit your goals whatever they may be. 

We’re going to make a list where videos miss the mark so hopefully, you can avoid them.

1 – Video for the sake of video

Your Problem:

A case of keeping up with the Joneses. A business sees its competitors release videos so they get a video, usually, any type of video will do.

A common practice is for a business to approach a videographer or video production company with little or no brief. It could also be a case of seeing a competitor and wanting “what they’ve got” on their website.

This is where the video process can easily go awry. If your video provider doesn’t really drill down what the objectives of the video are it becomes a video for the sake of ticking a box. 

The end result is a generic promotional video which is implemented into your website or YouTube channel and it does nothing in terms of reach.

Your Solution:

Start with a reason – If you want a video, create it with an aim in mind. Really work with your video production company and support it with a social media campaign. If you have a YouTube channel, make sure the channel is set up properly. If you want more advice on YouTube for business click HERE.

2 – No social media or marketing strategy

Your Problem:

In this instance, a video has been commissioned by a company. It’s been created and then it just sits on a website or gets posted to social media once. A month later, nothing has changed in terms of sales. 

Your Solution:

The video in question needs support in terms of promotion or a strategy around it. i.e. a teaser online, fanfare release and then re-posting over time in a drip feed style campaign.

3 – One video to rule them all

Your Problem:

A video solely produced for the business website or landing page wouldn’t benefit from being directly posted to channels like TikTok or Instagram. You might also be trying to cover too many topics in 1 video i.e. showcase a product, show off an about us and be a piece of organic content simultaneously. It’ll just confuse your audience. 

Your Solution:

Each medium needs its own consideration, not all content fairs on all platforms. Each platform comes with its own demographics and most recently, attention span. Before posting, it might be best to spend some time on bespoke edits for different destinations to get the most out of your audience. 

4 – The Video is bad

Your Problem:

The video looks terrible. Don’t get a mate to do it on the cheap, it’ll look poor and reflect badly on your business. Remember this video represents your company and is essentially part of your shop window. 

Your Solution:

Know your limits and remember to work within your budget (see our video on how to shoot on your phone). It’s pointless spending £500 for a video to sit there going stale for your business when spending a little more towards the £1500 mark makes all the difference. 

5 – Video isn’t a magic bullet

Your Problem:

Having a beautiful video doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to start shifting products or having your phones going off the hook. If the video is perfect and there’s marketing behind it, that’s great but if the website to buy the product is bad it won’t change anything. 

Your Solution:

Think about the entire customer journey. Really analyse your aims and if video marketing is the right tool for the job, i.e. if you want to increase conversions, does your website work well or is it super clunky?  

Hopefully, with all these factors in mind, you can avoid potentially costly video fails and pitfalls and use the medium to its max potential. Hopefully, we have crushed the question of ‘Why hasn’t video marketing worked for you?’

why hasn't video marketing worked for you
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BRICKOVEN loves to collaborate with businesses on crafting their video content and our knowledge and experience of each platform (TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook & Vimeo) helps us get you the best value for your product.

If you want some exciting marketing videos filmed, get in touch with us at info@brickovenmedia.co.uk or call us at 01613273799. 

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