Blackmagic 2023 NAB news unveils faster workflows for Da Vinci Resolve 18.5 update.

Here at Brickoven we chose to work with Da Vinci Resolve as our main editing tool (Read why here).
Because of this we were super excited to see the new update to Resolve 18.5 update that Black Magic have just revealed at NAB 2023.

Here are our top 3 features from the 18.5 Resolve update which are going to speed up our workflow the most.

Transcribe Audio to Subtitles with the 18.5 update (FINALLY!)

Darren Mostyn explains the new Transcribe function in Da Vinci Resolve 18.5 update.
Image curtesy of Darren Mostyn

We can finally transcribe audio from video content with the click (or two) of a button. This feature will automatically transcribe text into a subtitle track on your main timeline. Do this by clicking ‘create subtitles from audio’ in your main timeline menu options. This takes no time at all and you can easily jump into any section of the video by highlighting a specific bit of text. Be aware that no transcription software is perfect and we would advise that you still dig into the generated text to seek out any techy or hard to pronounce words before uploading to YouTube etc.

Upload Directly To TikTok For Quick Social Posts

An example of where we will find the TikTok export button.
Image curtesy of Blackmagic Design

If you’re a social media content creator and want to skip the part of picking up your phone to log into yet another TikTok account then this one is for you. With the new Blackmagic TikTok feature you can directly log in to a TikTok account in the preferences menu. You can then select the TikTok render in the Deliver page or the quick export dialog. Brickoven creates social media video for clients on multiple different platforms so this new feature not only saves us time but the time of our clients, as we can directly upload our edits to their accounts.

Remote Monitoring Just Got Easier

In the bottom right we see the new comment section for remote monitoring.
Image curtesy of Blackmagic Design

Remote monitoring to our clients has just gotten a whole load easier using a Blackmagic session code. This simple and very effective feature means we can stream our edits to multiple devices, even iPads and iPhones and all at the same time. Editors or clients can now review a timeline, add comments (Think Google Docs) and share live chat via the cloud. This feature is another time saving device, cutting the to and fro down for project feedback.

So there you go, our 3 Resolve 18.5 update list of features we’re pretty excited about! BRICKOVEN loves to collaborate with businesses on crafting their video content and our knowledge and experience of each platform (TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook & Vimeo) helps us get you the best value for your product.

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