Having video content on your website is no longer a luxury and is now a must-have to keep up with other businesses in the modern world. Between Google boosting your website ranking based on you having video and your potential customers’ hunger for content, NOW is the time to invest in video. 

Video can give you an organic search growth of up to 157%


A whopping 72% of people want to learn about your business via video

It may seem daunting at first but video is an amazing tool to find new customers, educate them on your business, and keep them up to date about what’s going on or coming soon. Further to this, publishing video content can be an amazing way to build brand loyalty and trust with your audience and can even turn them into advocates for your business.

Where to start can be tricky, but we have come up with a list of our top 3 Types Of Video Every Business Needs on their website as a great place to start:

1. Business Advert/Trailer 

This will most likely be the first thing your potential customers will see from your brand, so it needs to be your best. This media can take many forms, from an abstract video which gets across your brand’s personality to a story-driven user experience of your service or product, or an explainer about what sets you apart from the rest and how you can improve your potential customer’s lives.

Below is a great example of a story-driven advert for an SME (Small, Medium Enterprise).

It’s a great place to start with your video journey as this can really have a great ROI for you. 

90% of people asked, say that video helps when choosing to make an online purchase.

Further to this 83% of businesses say that the videos they have made have been a positive return on investment. 

This can really endear your brand to potential customers. We’re sure that if you take a moment you can think of plenty of examples where a great advert has really stuck with you. 

It’s a great place to really start building trust and relationships with your customers.

Here are our top 3 adverts stuck with us so far in 2022:


2. About Us

An ‘About Us’ video is a brilliant tool that when utilised well, can have amazing wide-reaching results. This is where you can really build on brand loyalty. Putting a human face or story to your brand makes your business more than just an idea. People can really engage with your brand values and mission and then become champions of something they feel aligns with their own identity. 

76% of people will share a brand’s videos that they find interesting.

91% of customers will revisit a brand that appears genuine in their videos.

Here’s a fantastic example of an About Us from the company North Star Coffee:

3. Video FAQs

Video FAQs are used by the likes of Amazon, Skype and RBS to name a few. If they’re using them they must be worth doing.  Below are 3 examples of video FAQs.

These types of videos serve a nice dual purpose, they are practical but really effective. Firstly, they can cut down on wasted traffic and increase your qualified leads by allowing people to see if the product or service is really for them. They will educate your existing customers leading to less wasted time answering the same questions time after time. 

Secondly, they build the client relationship. This practice shows you have taken time to look at their customer experience and have tried to improve it. It can position you as a leader in your field by outputting educational content and it shows you have the expertise to do so. These videos can also further humanise your brand if you have the relevant team members answering the questions that apply to them. Presentation in your brand’s voice is key. 

People retain 95% of information from a video compared to 10% via reading plain text.

FAQ videos mean that your customers will be on average 10x more likely to understand and not follow up with the same questions.

Now this isn’t where it ends for video, this is just the beginning. To keep up, the next step would be to start creating consistent organic content for your company. This can take many forms which we discussed in another blog here. Different types of videos will help boost your company’s image in your field, making you the go-to source for information or entertainment. 

If you want your own Video Advert, About Us or Video FAQs created for your brand, feel free to get in touch with us via email at info@brickovenmedia.co.uk or by calling us on +44 7840 349091

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