About the Project:
Client: Coffee KEV
Year: 2022-Continuing
Production: Coffee Kev YouTube Channel

DIR: Wesley Roskell / Oliver Bates
DOP: Oliver Bates

The Shoot – We met Kev in late 2021 (his channel was one of the exciting projects we teased in our 2021 wrap up). He runs the very successful UK Coffee Blog and had started a YouTube channel in 2020 which, was also turning out to be quite successful. His goal was to take his videos to the next level and to turbocharge his YouTube channel.

First off, we worked with him to help create his new YouTube space (as seen below) and now co-produce, film and edit all his YouTube content. Since coming on board in September of 2022 and with our first video releasing October 5th, Brickoven have boosted the Coffee Kev channel in terms of viewership (over 100k+ so far on videos we produced alone) and YouTube revenue and we’ve almost doubled his subscribers. Oh, and we also made it into a magazine feature too! Find that here.

We LOVE working with Kev (not just because he plies us with amazing free coffees on shoot days) and look forward growing the channel with him for the foreseeable future. If you want to follow him – pop over and subscribe here,

Definitely a channel for the coffee lovers. 

Who is Coffee Kev?

Kev is a presenter and writer for all things coffee. He runs the hugely successful coffeeblog.co.uk @ CoffeeKev.com where he writes about coffee & coffee related stuff. He started his YouTube channel because in addition to writing, talking is another activity he often partakes in (occasionally even at the same time). There you’ll find all sorts of videos relating to coffee, including reviews of coffee machines, grinders & coffee makers, how-to guides, and various other videos paying homage to the wondrous liquid motivation we know as “coffee”. He also runs The Coffeeworks, it is a small independent supplier of high-quality freshly roasted coffee beans. They have curated a fantastic range of high-quality freshly roasted coffees, including a number of high-scoring specialty single origins and stonking espresso blends.

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