About the Project:
Client: Catalyse
Year: 2021
Production: Catalyse Educational Training Films

DIR: Wesley Roskell / Oliver Bates/ Kathryn Pemberton
DOP: Rico Bam

The Shoot – The Catalyse team approached us as they had seen our work with the P.I.T team and wanted to update their educational training films. Brickoven were brought in the early stages of the project to co-produce this series of therapy training films. Once completed the films are to be distributed to NHS and private therapists to help guide them on how to manage certain situations they may face.

The location for this shoot had to be realistic, so the team put a lot of effort into finding the perfect setting and dressed the set accordingly. It was an intense two days of shooting, but as usual, a thoroughly enjoyable shoot all round. Once the filming was over, it was off to the recording studio for extra dialogue recording and then onto the edit. The training films we produced were something that we were extremely proud of and are very thankful that we were given the opportunity to help the healthcare sector anyway we can.

Who is Catalyse? – Catalyse or C.A.T (Cognitive Analytic Therapy) is a social enterprise offering a network of expert staff based across the North of England. They have been working together for twenty years providing high quality training and other services in CAT to staff working in the NHS and other public and sector organisations. Cognitive Analytic Therapy is different from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy because it links present difficulties in making useful sense of everyday problems to early learning of patterns of relating to the world. 

Copyright Video Catalyse

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