Brick’s top links of the week 03

Hi Everyone! We’re busy working hard on some cool projects so we thought we would put out another top links blog of some of our recent favourite watches. Check out this great video from Media Division, where they compare the top Canon FD stills glass to the Iconic Canon K35 […]

Reinventing our brand

During our forced break we decided to sit back and look at our brand from the perspective of a client. Approaching the customer journey of how they would find out about us, how they would perceive our services, and then the most important thing, why choose us? With this in […]

After 7 years of Premiere Pro, we quit.

It’s been an up and down battle with the Adobe Creative Cloud (Mainly Premiere Pro and After Effects) and after a 7-year relationship, we have decided to part ways. Amicably, we may add. The point of no return came after our previous two deadlines, in which we encountered a few […]

man holding clapper board

Brick’s top links of the week 02

Here are Brickoven we are firm believers in the phrase ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. As we mentioned in other blogs we try to find out as much as we can about a location before the shoot for last-minute jobs. For bigger projects that allow time for planning […]

Brick’s top links of the week 01

You could compare mixing for film to that of making a delicate dessert. Every ingredient has to be exact, otherwise you’re left with something flat, dense or hollow in places. It’s safe to say that the mixing team behind 20th Century Studios’ ‘Ford v Ferrari’ have baked their perfect audio […]

How We Guided Missguided!

As one of the UK’s most recognisable fashion retailers, Missguided needs no introduction. Brickoven was brought on board during the pre-production stage to help plan and execute an energetic and dynamic social media video for their Instagram TV (IGTV). The premise: A super fan of Missguided contacted Nitin Passi, the […]