YouTube Channel Tips & what you should put on your business’s YouTube channel

It may seem like a simple question, but for many people, it can feel totally overwhelming or unnecessary. But when done right, a well thought-out YouTube channel with captivating content can do wonders for your business. Link these to your website and impress Google’s page rankings…easy. Read on to find more YouTube Channel Tips.

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On average YouTube boasts about 2 billion active users every month

 70% of YouTube viewers have gone on to purchase a product after seeing it on YouTube

Half of all marketers use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy 

Those are just a handful of insane starts around Youtube as a platform. It is an asset to any company wanting to grow their business, increase sales, improve brand awareness or expand their customer base.

What it can do for your business:

The list of what Youtube channels can do for your business is along one, but we will highlight a few headliners here:

  1. Improve SEO – Having a Youtube channel is great for your SEO, with google’s universal search, it’s another item that can push you further up the search results or even have your video show up at the top. 
  2. Customer engagement – Humanise your business, posting videos online can put a face to the brand and with informative or entertaining content you can even turn customers into fans, which can then make them advocates for your brand.
  3. Showcase Product or service – It’s a great way to show off your products or services, rather than a wall of text or flat pictures video can bring it to life. It also helps customers see how the product can work for them as it’s easier for them to visualise it.
  4. Drive traffic to your Website – having the links in your description and the about section of your channel can direct people to your website. 
  5. Advertise – You can use the content on your YouTube channel as advertising by simply paying to promote the videos or run them as Youtube Ads.
  6. Earn money – A lesser reason for businesses but a nice perk for a well-run channel is to take advantage with AdSense account. With enough video hits, you can get paid for the content you create.


Be sure to set up your channel correctly. Make sure you create the right channel name, use the most up-to-date logo, a high-quality header image, relevant copy in your bio/about and correct web links to your other channels and website. Don’t just stop with YouTube, this goes for every channel you own. We do a lot of research into sectors and companies and you would be surprised by the number of channels we see with out-of-date company logos, bios, copy etc. The worst offenders are when the channel name is just a random employee’s name most likely the person who set it up (we’re looking at you xx_k3vs_busin3ss_youtub3_1978_xx). This social platform cohesion shows a great level of professionalism and attention to detail. 

Channel Trailer 

A good channel trailer can draw people in and effortlessly give an overview of your brand. Here are some YouTube Channel Tips on what to include in your trailer: 

  • A great introduction.
  • A short and to-the-point description of what your channel or business is all about. 
  • A friendly thank you for joining you on your journey. 
  • If you have scheduled content, possibly give a breakdown of when content is dropping. 
  • Don’t forget to ask them if they like what they see, “feel free to subscribe to the channel!”.

Keep your eyes peeled! We will be posting a blog in the future with a more in-depth look at channel trailers.

Content ideas

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It’s tricky to be able to tell you what content to create, but what we can do is give you examples of what type of content works wonders on YouTube. 

  • Tutorials, How-tos – Teach customers about your products and also how to use them. 
  • Reviews – Break down and review the products you’re either making or selling. Everyone loves watching video reviews or unboxings these days. 
  • BTS – Show off your skills or your exciting work from a behind-the-scenes perspective. Great for showing off how personable your brand is. 
  • Adverts – Simply use the platform to advertise your business. Be it a product or service, YouTube is a brilliant platform to upload ad content. Many websites and social platforms let you link to this material also. 
  • Testimonials – A well-shot testimonial about your brand can work wonders in turning a curious viewer into a paying customer. Let your best clients shine by being open and honest about their experience in your working relationship. These lovely success stories work wonders on platforms such as Linkedin or can simply be shared internally. 
  • Educational Content – Many people scour YouTube to learn. It’s one of the worlds leading educational platforms and the reason for it is? It’s free. If you feel like you could teach people how to use your products or give advice in your field then get this content on your channel and become thought leaders of your industry. 

Brick YouTube Channel Tips

  1. Consistency – To really help your channel grow it pays to be consistent, even if it’s one video every week it gives your audience a reason to come back and check-in.
  2. Promote across your social channels – Although you can grow a channel organically just on YouTube that takes time, to really boost your channel make sure to share the videos you create across all your social channels. 
  3. Use as blogs – A great way to repurpose content is to make blogs you already may have on your website into youtube videos (this can also go the other way with youtube videos into blogs)
  4. Use as FAQ’s – Having video FAQ’s is a great way to cut down on needless questions over and over again and make sure people who are buying your product or service really understand what they are purchasing.  
  5. Use video on your website/social media – Although this blog is about Youtube this video content doesn’t just have to live on Youtube. It can be re-edited to live on your social platforms from TikTok to LinkedIn

Brickoven love to collaborate with businesses on crafting their creative content and our knowledge and experience of each platform (TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook & Vimeo) helps us get you the best value for your product.

Check out this fantastic YouTube video we produced for Shoppertainment Management. It’s still their number one ranking video on their YouTube channel!

If you want Youtube videos filmed, get in touch with us at or call us at 07840349091. 

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