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If you create a product explainer video you will find that it is an amazing way to connect with, educate and potentially even convert a customer on the fence to clicking a purchase. In this blog, we’ll break down the power of the explainer, share some insights on forms they can take, and give tips to set you on the right track. 

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What is an explainer video?

A product explainer video is usually a short-form video describing a product or service. These videos are specifically designed to highlight a product or service in bite-size, digestible chunks, helping and guiding a viewer towards a sale or advising a customer about a recently purchased product. In a nutshell, they are a current, digitised version of the ancient instruction manual. 

Why do they help?

We currently live in a time where advice is expected to be at your fingertips. This form of fast food advice is crucial in keeping your customers (new and old) informed about the ins and outs of your products. Explainer videos are an efficient way to quickly answer any questions your customer may have about a product or service and when done correctly, can turn a curious browser into a paying customer. 

72% of people asked would prefer to learn about businesses product or services by video 

They also stand as a brilliant way to improve your SEO and Google Rankings. Keeping your website up to date with exciting new and informative video content impresses our Google overlords and pushes your website up in page rankings. You can also easily run these short-form videos as adverts. They are the perfect length and because they are straight to the point, they prove to be a very clickable attribute. 

How to make an Effective Explainer Video

The key to creating a brilliant explainer video is to know who you’re talking to and understand your audience and potential customers. 

There’s nothing wrong with analysing your competition. Do a little research and find out what is working for your competitors and go from there. This way you’re going to know what quality level to aim for, giving you a great insight into how much budget you should be considering using. 

Script your videos as best you can and if you’re using a host or selecting the best person for the job from your workforce, make sure you get a good practice session in there to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Remember, their voice is your brand. 

A great way to work out what videos to make is to sift through your recently asked questions or even use your website’s FAQ page. 

Keeping your videos short in length and concise to the point is key. A bite-sized suite of videos will work wonders for your online appeal. Also take advantage of YouTube ‘Chapters’. A fantastic way of getting your customer to the exact part of their problem or need. 

Forms they can take:

The most popular form of explainer has to be an animated video. They’re cost-effective and can be very creative in their own nature. 

Animated product explainer videos can also fall under many different types of animated styles such as:

Another popular type of explainer video is the live-action video. We’re sure you have seen these by now, they usually have a person speaking to the camera with gentle cut-aways to whichever service or product they are explaining. They work wonders and really give that face value to your company. These are typically hosted by a professional at the company or a stand-in presenter. 

Testimonial videos are a tried and tested way of showing viewers your happy customers. They are a fantastic form of a business review, from conception to completion and couldn’t be more honest. Make sure to politely ask for one of these from your customers/clients after your work has been completed. This way you will get a more thorough review with their experience being fresh on their mind. 

Influencer Collaboration – There are some fantastic ways you can work with influencers. You could either risk sending products their way for a non-biased review or you could invite influencers to appear in your videos, gaining their internet clout and hopefully inviting a plethora of their followers to view your brand. This is a great way to expand your audience and is becoming a seriously popular type of video that brands are jumping on. There’s a reason TikTok is a seriously lucrative platform when used correctly. 

Brick’s Product Explainer Video Tips:

  • If you’re stuck for inspiration on what to say in your product explainer videos then a quick fix for this could be to read through your FAQ page on your website and simply answer each question in the form of a video. 
  • You can also look at the biggest pain points your consumers have and work on how your product or service fixes them. This is a great way to show how the product fits into their life and improves it. It also lets them imagine how it will fit inside their life and also shows how well you understand them by understanding their pain point.

We hope that this gave you some insight into product videos and also inspired you to go out and show off your product.

Brickoven loves to collaborate with businesses on crafting their product explainer videos and our knowledge and experience of each platform (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo) helps us get the best value for your budget.

If you want a product video filming, get in touch with us at or call us at 07840349091.

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