About the Project:
Client: Living Ventures
Year: 2016
Production: Alchemist launch Promotion

DIR: Oliver Bates/ Alex Brown
DOP: Oliver Bates / Alex Brown

The Shoot – Living Ventures hired BRICKOVEN to create social media promotional videos covering events they were having to promote their up-and-coming Liverpool and Birmingham Alchemist bars/restaurants. Their idea to create intrigue was to set up unique pop-up events in the bustling city centres of each location to raise awareness of the venue openings. Each event required a different style of filming and editing to match the vibe of the pop-up launch.

In Liverpool, they had ‘Zoltar’, this was a performance artist evoking the tarot reader from the film ‘BIG’ in a similarly styled box. He would provide cards for passers buy which had the chance to contain free food or drink offers on opening night. For the style of this shoot, we went for a more hidden camera feel of filming and then combined that with a subtle horror editing style.

In Birmingham, they had a pop-up mad scientist cocktail bar (think Doc Brown from Back To The Future tends you a drink). People had the chance to pop in and sample some of the delicious cocktails from the menu. With the video style for this pop-up bar, it was more of capturing the feel of the day, making sure to showcase the fun and exciting feeling of the event, making sure to capture smiling faces and the treats on offer.

Who are Living Ventures?Living Ventures Group is the proud operator of some of the most exciting brands in the UK restaurants and bar market. Alchemist, Botanist, Artisan, Blackhouse, Gusto, and Red Door.

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