If you’re looking to get started with YouTube video adverts, then this is the blog for you. Video advertising on YouTube may seem daunting or overwhelming at first but we assure you, it is straightforward and a must for any modern business. In this blog, we will aim to give you an overview of why and how to advertise on YouTube


You may be asking yourself, does my business really need this form of advertising? Well here are some stats that may make you think differently:

YouTube watchers say they are twice as likely to purchase a product they have seen in a YouTube advert. 

Statistics say that viewers of YouTube are 70% more aware of new brands

YouTube users are four times more likely to use that platform than any other to find out information on brands, products, and services. 


Setting up your Channel

Firstly, you will need to set up a YouTube channel for your business. This will be the home of your new advert, but it doesn’t have to stop there. YouTube is a great place to post content about your business to drive engagement and traffic to your website. 

YouTube is a great place to post organic content that will interest your customers, who will then hopefully want to find out more about you and your brand. Video content such as company updates, new products, or business services and behind the scenes can help build trust and establish brand loyalty.

We will be soon posting a blog about ‘Top Tips For Setting A YouTube Channel For Your Business’ so check back in soon for that. For now, one of our top tips is to make sure the branding and copy align with your website and all other social channels so customers can easily tell it’s you.

Your Advert

Next, you will need to film your video advert. This is going to be the first thing your customers will see so it has to really showcase your business in the best way possible. There are a number of routes to go down when it comes to the context of the advert.

person holding black and gray camera
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You don’t have to start with a full-scale production to get started. It can be as simple as using your phone to film yourself talking about your business or a showcase of your product, as long as it’s clear, nicely lit, and has good audio. Making sure you tick a few of the latter can do wonders for your brand. If you want some tips on how to shoot better video on your phone check out this playlist HERE of a video series explaining exactly that.

Videos tend to fall into a few categories: Filming yourself talking about your business, Voiceover with animation, product video, testimonial-based, creative abstract, or story-driven. All have pros and cons and not every type of video is right for every business. 

Setting up your Campaign

When you have created your channel and your advert, it’s time to show it off. First, you will need to create a google ad account.

PRO TIP When you do this it may try to get you to set up a random campaign when opening your account, but you can remove this once you are signed up. 

Once you have your account set up you can now start the process of creating your YouTube ad campaign. Make sure to link your YouTube channel to your Ad account. From here you can build your exciting new campaign. 

During this process you will set a specific goal such as leads, phone calls, sales, website traffic, etc. Then you need to select Video campaign type, then the subtype which is how it appears on YouTube, i.e. Trueview(5-sec skip), Unskippable 5 sec, Bumper ads. 

For most people, we suggest Trueview adverts (Skip at 5 sec)  as these tend to yield the best results. People who watch the whole ad are 23x more likely to act on a CTA (Call To Action), and even if the advert is skipped, they are 10x more likely to take action just by seeing it.

Next, you will be able to name your campaign, set budget, timescale, etc to start to narrow the sales funnel down. You can also define the people you want to reach, which is the most pivotal part of the campaign crafting. In this, you can specifically target your core potential customer base.

Finally, you add your video to the campaign, save and submit. Youtube will then verify the ad (Usually around 24hours) to make sure it doesn’t contain anything inappropriate and then your campaign will be live which leads us to the last step. Time to sit back and watch your hard work do its thing! 

Measure your stats

After the campaign has been running for a few weeks it should have gathered a decent amount of data about who is engaging with your advert. 


Using this new data, you can refine your audience further based on any success you have achieved. Change any keywords or copy associated with it to target the most engaged customers better. Using this service, you can also tweak the video. You might notice from the feedback that viewers are dropping off after a specific part, so a snappier re-edit may jazz it up. 

If you have followed along you should have a running YouTube ad campaign. Hopefully getting you further to your goals, whatever they may be. This is just a brief overview of the whole process. We are planning lots more blogs covering YouTube adverts and video advertising on other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. 

To give you a taster of what content is to come, we will be giving tips about setting up a business YouTube channel, the pros and cons of the different styles of YouTube adverts, the benefit of filming Vertical video adverts, How to get started with video marketing on Instagram and How to get started with video marketing on TikTok.

If you want to your Yotube video advert made get in touch with us today either by emailing info@brickovenmedia.co.uk or ringing us on +447840349091

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