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CoffeeKev YouTube Channel

Whether you're a business, a solopreneur, or a YouTuber in the making we can help, we love creating content for YouTube. We find that crafting the videos around the destination always leads to better results.

The list of what YouTube channels can do for your business is a long one, here's a few of the essentials.

  • Advertise
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Customer engagement
  • Showcase a product or service
  • Improve SEO
  • Earn Money
  1. Advertise – You can use the content on your YouTube channel as advertising by simply paying to promote the videos or run them as YouTube Ads. Their UI is simple to use.
  2. Drive traffic to your website – You can display clickable links in your videos or post links in your video description. A handy way of directing traffic to your website or product.
  3. Customer engagement – Humanise your business. Posting videos online can put a face to the brand and with informative or entertaining content you can even turn customers into fans. There are many brands who hire professional presenters for their YouTube content and believe us, it really works.
  4. Showcase a product or service – Use video (rather than a wall of text or flat picture) to show off your products or services as it can bring what you're selling to life. It also helps customers see how the product can work for them, as it’s easier for them to visualise it.
  5. Improve SEO – Having a YouTube channel is great for your SEO. With Google's universal search, it’s another attribute that can push you further up the search results or even have your video show up at the top of the Google search console.
  6. Earn money – A lesser reason for businesses but a nice perk for a well-run channel is to take advantage with AdSense account. With enough video hits, you can get paid for the content you create.

We often hear the same frustrations when it comes to YouTube: Where do I even start? As a business, what should I put on my channel? How do I create engaging content? How do you keep the consistency?  Managing the channel takes too much time. I want to grow on Youtube but I can't afford the cost of having full-time staff to run it.  - WE CAN HELP WITH ALL OF THESE! If any of the above apply to, you feel free to get in touch. We’re more than happy to have a free consultation call.

CoffeeKev YouTube Channel


Content Creation

We're here to turn your ideas into reality. Currently, YouTube is the most popular video destination and the second-largest search engine.


We work closely with you to get to know your brand and bring our creative minds to the table to write that engaging content which is tailored to your channel.

Channel Management

Giving you the gift of time, the one resource we're all short of. You focus on the brand whilst we lend a helping hand in managing the channel.

If you want exciting Youtube Content filming get in touch with us.