Video Adverts

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Creating online video adverts / commercials can be an effective spending experience, giving your business the opportunity to craft your commercial to your desired goals and target audience with ease. Online advertising has now become the more affordable approach when reaching your customers, rather than spending your budget on the excessive price tag of TV advertising. In a nutshell, spend less and reach more.

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Taking advantage of websites like YouTube and their multitude of advert options would be a perfect place to start your video advert campaign. Their simple and easy implementation means your advert could be reviewed and online within 1-2 days. Here's a favourite of ours that we shot in Spain - James Villas Holidays 'Find Your Wow' Advert.

With the average adult spending a whopping 25 hours a week online and 21 hours a week watching TV, having a web commercial is more important than ever before. The current consumer attention span is a crazy 8 seconds long! Which means your content has to be instantly relevant and impactful.

BRICKOVEN creates web adverts/commercials for companies of all sizes and has successfully delivered commercial campaigns for our clients. Whether you have a short brief or need a full execution, we work closely to share any creative juices from our many years of experience to create your web commercials. Our main goal is to ensure the commercial leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

Our process is simple: 

  • We arrange a meeting to get to know your business
  • Find out the objective of your advertisement
  • Work out how to effectively craft the advert to your budget
  • Deliver our pitch
  • Shoot
  • Edit¬†
  • Deliver the product


Target Customers

Online videos can be crafted and catered to the exact audience you want for your brand. The modern audience spends most of their viewing time watching online video content.

Lower Ad Spend

Do more with less. Premium video adverts are now a service that most companies can afford. There's no better time to let your services or products shine with eye-watering visuals.

Google SEO Ranking

Drive customers to the right place using video for your SEO needs. Not only do your consumers love video, but Google also does too.

If you want an exciting Web Advert/commercial filming get in touch with us.