About the Project:
Client: Couch Health
Year: 2022
Production: COUCH HEA Training films

DIR: Wesley Roskell / Katie Rishi
DOP: Oliver Bates

The Shoot – Couch Health brought us on board to help craft a series of training films for the healthcare system to aid in pushing the boundaries of health equity. This particular series of videos was shot on a greenscreen stage ready and composited for any style of backdrop or motion graphics to be added in post.

” It was a fantastic experience working with the Brickoven Team, they were professional and friendly. We have booked to work with them again and can’t wait! “

Alexandra Jones – Creative Production Manager COUCH Health

Who is Couch Health? COUCH Health is a collection of expert patient and site strategists, diversity and inclusion specialists, behavioural scientists, community engagement specialists, copywriters, digital marketers, designers and developers committed to improving clinical trial experiences.

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