Corporate Video

Behind the scenes from our shoot with Cinch

Video content for your business is no longer a luxury and is now a necessity. Between Google boosting website ranking based on your business having video and your potential customers’ hunger for content, NOW is the best time for your company to invest in video. 

Having great-looking purposeful videos can really elevate your brand's status, help you reach new customers, or keep existing ones informed.  

Training Films

Corporate video can take many forms:

  • Brand Films - Think of this as your personal Netflix mini-doc.  An effective way to tell your brand's story in a beautiful way.
  • Staff Interviews - Really showcase the people behind the business. It's easier to connect with a brand which is more humanised.
  • Video Testimonials - Film your happy customers and all the nice things about your business. A great way to get a testimonial to really leap off the page.
  • Culture Films - Showcase what your company really stands for. Cultural films give you a competitive edge in winning the right talent whilst promoting your values.

Our keen eye for brand detail means your video content will deliver the right message for your business. Take advantage of our end to end video production service or simply create something to sit side by side with a business goal, always enhancing and keeping up with modern trends.



What's the process for getting a video made?

Worry not, You don’t have to give us the most detailed brief in the world. 

We’ll ask the right questions to attain the best information about your product or service.

When you contact us we will arrange a meeting to discuss the video with you, in this we can chat about why you want a video, what goals you have for the video, and maybe a concept for it. After this, we will go away and come up with an estimate for the project and where applicable, come up with some package ideas. 

Once everything is agreed upon, we will set a date for the shoot. For a larger project we will do any necessary pre-production needed, film the project, edit, and then return the finished video on our agreed deliverables.

How much does video production cost?

The question to which there is no answer. Much like the age-old ‘How long is a piece of string?’ video is very much dependent on what you require. The cost is determined by the scope and scale of the video you want. If we send a quote and it exceeds your budget we pride ourselves on being able to adapt the scope or scale of the brief to fit most budgets. 

How long does it take to make a video?

Like the last question, this is all formed around the scale of the video project. An interview in an office can be turned around in a week but a full-blown commercial can be months of planning, prep, production, and post-production.

What do you need from us to make a video?

A jumping-off point is what we need to start. This can be as simple as the base idea for your video e.g. we want a video to showcase our company all the way to a fully-fledged idea of exactly what you want. We love collaborating with businesses to tailor the video to your needs and we love sharing the creative journey with you if you want to. 

We will be asking for feedback throughout the project at various points: signing off the creative brief, signing off items for filming on larger projects such as locations and actors and then signing off at points during edits in post-production. For smaller-scale projects, some of this won’t come into play as they have fewer moving parts. Having a designated contact on your team makes this all flow smoother and is something we will discuss at the start.

If you want an exciting Corporate video filming get in touch with us.