Vertical Video

Love them or hate them, vertical video is here to stay. It’s time to embrace a fun new format and maximise its potential. In this blog, we’re going to explain why vertical rocks and give 3 great tips to really take advantage of it.

Switching To Vertical Video


You may not be convinced by our enthusiasm for vertical video but you can deny the stats:

94% of smartphone users are said to hold their phone in a vertical position reported MOVR (Mobile Overview Report). 

Marketing data from Snapchat states that vertical ads outperform standard horizontal ads by nine times on their platform in terms of 100% watch through time. 

This data is backed up by Mediabrix research who also confirm that 90% of viewers complete their ad watch when it comes to vertical video. 

YouTube has recently adapted to full screen playback for vertical videos to jump on board this exciting new format craze. 

Hopefully from reading this, you’re convinced to at least try vertical video for yourself. If not, why don’t you let us know how you’re holding your phone right this second? We would put good money that you’re holding it vertically. 

Vertical Video Example
Vertical Video Image courtesy of Sprout Social


  1. Framing as ever is key – It’s very easy to have something lost in the image confinements of vertical video space, so make sure to be close to your subject and the rule of thirds still applies for a nice composition.
  2. Have an instant hook – With this format the first few seconds is key to stop the scroll to another ad,  so have a big moment of excitement or something eye-catching in the first few frames to grab the viewer’s attention and make them want to watch more!
  3. Utilise the tools in the social apps to the max! – There’s an amazing next level of engagement you can have with using vertical video on social media and that’s the ability to have user interactive elements in your video like polls, questions, and clickable calls to action. These are available in most social apps when you upload and become super useful so don’t ignore them. They’re beneficial to making your posts as effective as they can be.
  4. Don’t make them seasick – Watch out for fast side to side movements with this format. There’s no forgiveness for fast pans as due to the lack of frame on each side as they can feel jarring or distracting
  5. Subtitles – These are key with vertical video content as most users engage with this format with no sound it’s also a great thing for accessibility to your content.
Vertical Video Example

Hopefully, with this blog, you can start your vertical video journey and reap the benefits of this new and exciting medium. It’s only going to continue to grow in the social space so getting on board now will pay off in the long run. The sooner you embrace the format the more relevant your marketing output will be. Don’t worry, we saw this as a fad too but vertical video has proved everyone wrong and it’s very much here to stay. 

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