Everyone’s got an amazing camera in their pocket right now which they’re not taking full advantage of.

Let’s show you how to get from this…

To this…

We’ve been asked a lot recently by our clients and friends how to shoot better content on our phones so we decided to make a quick video and blog about it

Tip Number 1.

Our first tip is composition, or to you and me where am I in the frame. You don’t want too much headroom and it’s better looking if you’re on a third, also shooting to the corner of the room adds more depth to the image. Once you have followed this and have a better frame it’s time to move on to the next tip.

Tip Number 2.

Our next tip is for lighting. We want you to keep it simple and use as much natural light as you can get in your office or your home. Be sure to turn off any of the harsh light in the room which includes the harsh tungsten’s above. Have a little light to one side of the face and shoot into the darker side of the face, which is going to give your talent a little bit more definition, also if it’s too dark don’t be afraid to use a little bit of white sheet. In this instance, we’re using bed sheets to bounce off a little bit of light back into the frame.

Tip Number 3.

It’s time to get a little tidy. This tip is all about set design so clear up the muck don’t be afraid to get a few props in to pretty up the frame. A bonus tip, don’t forget to keep your brand in mind. Brand colours can gel well and give your video’s a unique look.

Tip Number 4.

What you don’t want to be doing is shouting over loud unnecessary office noise or babies crying and if you’re at home please shut those windows and turn off any machines. All of these things create a bed of noise which will only deter the listener from listening to what you have to say.

Tip Number 5.

Content is king, so don’t ramble, make sure you stick with a loose script and stay on track. Remember you’re representing your brand, so stick with your brand’s tone of voice and keep this throughout your video series.

If you followed along we hope that you’ve learned something fresh about what you can do with the power of your phone. Now when you grab your phone you’re a little bit more confident in shooting video for yourself or your company.

This is the first in a series of videos on how to shoot better content on your phone. The next video is going to be a more detailed look on lighting and how to learn how to use a 3 point lighting system.

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