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Meike Cinema Lens Set Review with NEW Full Frame 24mm T2.1

Spenser Sakurai is here with yet another great video review. Ever since we caught his first video on the 35mm Meike lens we’ve kept an eye out on the Meike FF lineup and now with a usable range of focal lenses we may have to upgrade from our Samyang VDSLR’s. With a lovely image rendition, not too sharp to come across clinical and some lovely Bokeh. Hopefully we will see more lens comparisons with this set on YouTube in the future as we would love to see how these stack up against the DZO vespid primes.

The ONE THING that can RUIN a Video Shoot

We love it when a filmmaker gets real about audio. Brandon admits that he’s slacked in the past when it comes to audio on-set and we find his humble and honest nature quite refreshing. Plenty of YouTubers don’t admit to their faults on set, but here we see Brandon explaining the importance of making sure your audio is as good as it can get and also explains what quality you can get with a budget.

Leveling Dialogue Audio with Izotope RX or any other Leveling Plugin

At this point, we see Curtis as a bit of a YouTube father. His explanation of technical film and audio is always delivered in layman’s terms which anyone can follow. Here, Curtis explains simple leveling dialogue audio using Izotope RX and other leveling plugins. After watching this great tutorial you should never have choppy audio. Smooth… buttery smooth.

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