It’s been a wee while since we have put out a top links blog so we best get to it:

Grading Genius Qazi

We dare any of you, intermediate to professional, to get into this guy’s channel and tell us you haven’t learned anything. Qazi has a gift of explaining complex colour grading in layman’s terms and after finding his channel and diving into one of his videos, we quickly realised a few things we weren’t doing when grading in DaVinci.

Check out his YouTube here and his Insta here.

You’re Never Too Old To Learn Something New (Skillshare)

And learn we did. Learning is something you should never stop doing, even the most well-versed business person will be learning something new every day, be it a social skill, a business skill, or just something completely different from their skillset entirely. As we’re still quite a young business, we decided to take advantage of one of the internets mother boxes of knowledge and sign up for Skillshare. You have probably heard of it from one of their many adverts, Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people.

Our goal here was to scrub up on the storyboarding technique for film and tv. These storyboards not only help us with our creative process of writing, but it is also something we can deliver early on to clients to give them concept ideas of the advert or film we are making for them. Siobhan Twomey delivers her lesson perfectly and we came away with what we went in to achieve, a new skill in advanced storyboarding. Cheers Siobhan!

If you’re interested in Skillshare then click this link to get 2 months for free on us! Let us know what you’re learning, we would love to know.

In some local news: Manchester International Festival has started! 1-18th July 2021

In their words,We bring together artists from different art forms and backgrounds to create dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking new work, which we stage in a rich tapestry of venues across Greater Manchester – from theatres, galleries and concert halls to railway depots, churches and car parks.’

We have seen some serious art and culture at the MIF festival over the years so why not treat yourself to that well-earned dose of entertainment, we all very much deserve it.

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oh and one other thing…


Good luck England in the semi-final of Euro 2021!


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