We were approached In 2018 to co-produce/direct a series of psychotherapy training videos with leading therapists from the NHS /University of Manchester. Their goal was to quash the old format of the tedious training video, give it new life and bring it a little more into the 21st century.

The brief was to produce a series of training videos for the Netflix generation. This gave us a bar for the quality, it had to look and sound as if it belonged to the current pinnacle of TV. It also had to have the necessary content to tick all of the boxes for the training side of things. We did this by working closely with the therapists to really understand the core concepts of what they were trying to teach. In this case, it meant we had to make sure to capture all the technical aspects of the therapy, this meant a heavy focus on filming the emotions of the people playing the role of clients and any specific cues that may happen. A challenge we were more than willing to accept.

We took this mindset to all aspects of the production. We put together a great crew which included the Brickoven Team and some of our amazing freelancer pool. The crew built a modular set, which we could tweak the look of for each of the different sessions we filmed to differentiate them from each other. We filmed on a mix of Blackmagic Ursas and Cinecams and lit it in the style of a drama. Then we spent a lot of time editing in Premiere Pro to make sure it conveyed all the information for the teaching but at the same time was still engaging.

All said and done, we are still extremely proud of how it all worked out. The project was a joy to work on from start to finish.

To end on a high note, Brickoven has been asked to film the next series! Later this year we will be working with the same team to produce a brand new series of videos, so keep an eye on our Instagram to see that when it comes out.

Does your company need to revamp its training videos? Feel free to get in touch for a free video consultation on how we can transform your tired looking content into something fresh and exciting.

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