It’s that time of year again, where every tech lover in the world scrambles to the internet to sift through millions of links to find that perfect golden nugget of a discount.

Hopefully, there might be a few links here that you can get your greasy mitts on. Saving yourself many pennies for all of your Christmas shopping and generally winning all around.

We don’t get any kickback from advertising these sales, it’s just from the goodness of our little hearts. All together now…”AWWWWWWWW!” ❤️

Camera Stuff

X-Rite Colour Checker

Great Savings on X-rite Colour checker video and Passport 2. These items are fantastic for speeding up the colour correction and grading in post, making sure you maintain great colour accuracy. Giving you more time to spend on creating a look rather than balancing colors and exposure.

Syrp Genie and Slider

The Syrp Genie and slider combo are a great option for entry-level motion control and for adding a beautiful cinematic flair or making interviews feel professional. Simple to use and control to create beautiful movement. It’s definitely one for our Christmas list.

Software discounts

Adobe offers 20% off their creative cloud collection

We don’t need to explain what Abobe is as its staple piece of software for most editing/production houses. If you don’t take advantage of this deal each year and pay the full whack you’re a silly billy. Get on it.

Triune Digital has some great sales coming up across their whole product range so it’s worth keeping an eye on this and checking back in leading up to Christmas

Audio plugin deals

Soundtoys 5 collection 55% off

It’s our fave bunch of strange and wonderful plugins for your DAW racks. Don’t be put off by their child-like exterior, these are some of the best and easiest to use plugins around.

iZotope Holiday Bundle 95% off

This bundle of tricks is an absolute must-buy for anyone who needs to edit dialogue. Tried and tested by the Brick team, iZotope’s plugins are the must-have for cleaning, tidying, polishing those noisy and messy bits of dialogue.

Heavyocity Composer Bundle by Plugin Boutique 45% off

If you’re ever lucky enough to get paid to write music, you’re in a very small percentage of humans on this planet and we envy you. Here’s a great deal on a few virtual instruments, where you can flex your inner Clint Mansel, or would you rather Hanz Zimmer? Either way, there are some great instruments to play with here.

Hard Drives and Media

Often one of the things forgotten about but Storage and media are always useful to have plenty of and Amazon currently have some amazing deals on Western Digital Hard drives and Sansdisk media. We’ve taken advantage of these ourselves every year to prep for the next year of shoots.

We hope our short and sweet list of deals help you out. Be sure to let us know if you used any of the links above!

Happy spending


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