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We’re busy working hard on some cool projects so we thought we would put out another top links blog of some of our recent favourite watches.

Check out this great video from Media Division, where they compare the top Canon FD stills glass to the Iconic Canon K35 cine lenses. We really enjoyed their last video on Zeiss lenses so were overjoyed to see a follow-up.

We love the classic look of older cine glass, especially when paired with modern cine cameras. They add a retro and organic feel, taking away the sometimes clinical harshness of modern super-resolution and super sharp cameras.

Media Division has a very entertaining style of crafting videos which will keep you engaged throughout. They give an interesting history of the lenses and then compare the sets. If you’re into the VFX side of cinema, they also give a breakdown of their stellar VFX used in this episode.

We hope they do more of these in the future (Although our bank balance may not)

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The topic of musicals came up recently in the Brick office and ended up with us deep-diving into Damien Chazelle’s Epic La La Land, starring Emma Stone and Matt Gosling. We have been obsessed with this film since its release back in 2017, and this is coming from a very mixed bunch who aren’t very much into musicals.

Our deep-dive resulted in finding some amazing behind the scenes footage of the highway intro, how it got from rehearsal in a parking lot to shutting off a section of highway in busy LA. Yep, they actually managed to shut down a section to film the scene (Using a very classic cinematic method of as little cuts as possible).

If you haven’t seen this film yet, we seriously recommend you add it to your list.

Know of any mind-blowing behind the scenes footage? Please feel free to share with the Brick team.

More interesting links to come next time!


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