During our forced break we decided to sit back and look at our brand from the perspective of a client. Approaching the customer journey of how they would find out about us, how they would perceive our services, and then the most important thing, why choose us?

With this in mind, we decided that our website needed a complete overhaul, as it really didn’t focus on the specific niche our company has to offer. In short, we weren’t selling ourselves.

We’re really proud of what changes we made to our website and we think that potential clients should now

We had time to realise the importance of having a strong brand presence. It’s also important, once every so often, to sit back and look at your business from the outside in, also taking into consideration your competitors. Although it’s fitting to say the word ‘competitors’, it doesn’t always have to be a competition between you and other local business’ if you know how to stand out.

If you have time, take a look at the website. Even better, give us some feedback. We really would appreciate your comments.

See you soon


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