As one of the UK’s most recognisable fashion retailers, Missguided needs no introduction.

Brickoven was brought on board during the pre-production stage to help plan and execute an energetic and dynamic social media video for their Instagram TV (IGTV).

The premise: A super fan of Missguided contacted Nitin Passi, the fashion brand’s founder and CEO, asking if he could make her dreams come true and buy her something from her wish list. Missguided’s marketing team then devised the idea for a video centered around this concept but didn’t quite have the means to execute it. This is where we came in…

Brickoven helped the team plan and carry out the London shoot at their flagship store in Kent’s Bluewater. Our challenge was to take their ideas and turn them into reality.

We were instrumental in orchestrating the logistics, crew, and production equipment, ensuring the day’s shooting went smoothly. Applying lessons we’d learned from previous productions (such as the DIAL Global Video podcast blog) helped us in a sticky situation on the day. The original room allocated for our ‘Security Room’ just didn’t cut it, so we had to think fast, find a separate location and dress it to make it look the part.

As acting production coordinator on the day, Oli juggled the small five-man crew to guarantee the best visuals, audio, and performances from our crew and Love Island cast members. This meant we could deliver the best possible product to the Missguided editors.

The end product speaks for itself. We would like everyone involved: Campfire, Missguided and Love Islands’ Chris Taylor and Joe Garratt, and finally the star of the show Vanessa.

See the full video here, which currently has nearly 80k views so far! Not bad eh?

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