We were literally thrown in at the deep end with our first project here at Brickoven. It started with a phone call from the media wizards Campfire:

Campfire – “We need to film a Kickstarter campaign video for our card game and we only have a few weeks to have it drawn up, shot, and released…can you do it?”

Brickoven – “Of course we can”.

Within the first few meetings, we worked with Campfire to create the idea for the video, storyboard, location scout, recruit actors and crew and plan the shoot. After a very short time, we had an idea-locked, shot list built from the location scout and a few fantastic actors and crew to go with it. Our instant rapport with Alex and Joe from Campfire helped the workflow of pre-production, which in turn gave us all the confidence that we would accomplish this promo in the short deadline we had to achieve.

Lavs, Boom, SOUND SPEED!
Actos mic’d up, Sound checked, and ready to go

1 day to shoot – Nail biting when you think about it. The crew was ready at the crack of dawn in Bolton which was our location, our first set-ups were the externals which were the car passing by, and the front door of the house with the box delivery.

Sick Pump Scene
The infamous sick scene – Tarp really helped with the swift clean-up of the location.

Our second setup was the card-playing scene which include the infamous vomit shot. We chose to do this practically and enhanced it later with some VFX. The last setup of the day was to film Joe with the product pitch part of the shoot. We lit both scenes with two 2k Arri lights, situated outside of the house and a few filler lights hidden in the interior to add some fill and warmth.

Joe filming his piece to camera

Of course there was a bit of sound design to be done in post and of course, Wesley loved every minute of it. Here you can see that some of the sick sounds were recorded in classic Foley fashion using a Zoom H6 Microphone (Trust us, every sound designer needs one of these in their bag at all times), a flannel, a tin of soup and chopped tomatoes and plenty of layering.

Creating sick sounds with some Foley Sound Design
Foley time.

And here we have it, an impressive feat. from a very short time span. From conception to release in under a month, we’re pretty proud of that. We would love for you to take some time to check the video out and possibly back their product over on Kickstarter. We want to thank Alex and Joe, the actors and crew for their fantastic work on the shoot.

Influenzah Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/campfiregroup/influenzah-the-influencer-card-game-for-really-sick-people?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=influenzah

Campfire Website: https://campfire.co.uk/

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